"Marvel's Spider-Man 2" Review

Back in the fall of 2018, Insomniac Games released what many consider one of (if not THE) best comic book games ever made in “Marvel’s Spider-Man” . Taking the expertise they learned with open world traversal with the criminally underrated “Sunset Overdrive”, it turns out there was no developer more perfectly suited to tackle the beloved webslinger. But it wasn’t just nailing the fundamentals that made the successful 2018 game so good. Insomniac Games also crafted a tale that honored and respected the long tenured history of the character and his world, while still making the story their own. While not without its problems, the game came together to provide both one of the best adaptations of Spider-Man in any medium, one of the best exclusives available on the PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation brand’s most financially successful game ever.  So much has changed for Insomniac Games since the release of “Marvel’s Spider-Man”. Not only were they fully acquired by Sony after close to 20 y

"Super Mario Bros. Wonder" Review

  Ask anyone who can we thank for making gaming a viable medium, and you'll be hard pressed for the answer to be anything other than 1985's "Super Mario Bros" from the NES. Even though gaming had been a thing with both Pong and Atari, it's that first side scrolling adventure from the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto that set the ball rolling for gaming to become the legit pillar of entertainment it is today.  Over the years, the 2D side scrolling "Super Mario Bros" franchise has gone through its many evolutions, including the two sequels in the NES (the second of those, "Super Mario Bros. 3" considered the greatest one ever made and one of the best games ever created), the legendary SNES launch game "Super Mario World" and its unorthodox sequel "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island", and the litany of entries with the "NEW Super Mario Bros" line which spanned the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo 3DS and the

Alejandro's Seasoned Gaming Content/Review Roundup

In late November of last year, I got to join as a contributor to the website " Seasoned Gaming ". In my time there, I have contributed a couple features as well as some reviews for some of the big games from late 2022 and most of 2023. Here is a round up of all the reviews I have done for the site, as well as a direct link to read what I have written for them. I will continue to contribute to Seasoned Gaming for the forseeable future*, but reviews for games I haven't done for them will come back to "Critical Corner". Without further ado, here are excerpts and links to all the content I have done for Seasoned Gaming.  * Note: This article will always keep updating everytime I write for the site.  ________________________________________ Review - Evil West  - November 29, 2022 "We absolutely need more games like “Evil West.” The mid-tier/AA space with good to great quality has been missing for so long, I’m just glad Focus Home Interactive has become a nice pl