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The Flash "Infantino Street" Review: 'Til Death Do Us Apart

The show heads into the finale with the strongest episode of the season, probably the entire series.  Near the end of March, things had been looking a little too bleak for Season 3 of "The Flash". The plot progression of the story had been stifled by the writer's reluctance to reveal the identity of Savitar, and the show was becoming a little too self indulgent with repeating the same story beats over and over. Even their return episode to kick off the final stretch of the season, "The Once and Future Flash" , gave the impression Season 3 would stay the course with its obvious strengths and obvious weaknesses. Oh boy, was I wrong.  In my initial write up for Season 3 , I mentioned how if there was a show that had the potential to pull itself out of its funk, it was this one. The last three episodes, "I Know Who You Are", "Cause and Effect" and this week's "Infantino Street" have served as a well deserved reprieve to