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"Kingdom Hearts 3" Review

In all the years I have been gaming, I don’t think I have ever experienced something with the sense of importance and eminence like " Kingdom Hearts 3" . As one of the last few “gaming white whales” (highly anticipated games that have taken forever to make and are still highly anticipated by their fans) to be released on the heels of similar games like " Final Fantasy XV" and " The Last Guardian"  in 2016 , there surely has been no shortage of anticipation and expectations for this game in the 13 years since the last main console entry was released. Yes, " Kingdom Hearts 2" released back in the time George W. Bush was still president, the iPhone didn’t exist yet, the Xbox 360 was the only “next-gen” console available and yes, I was in sixth grade. Goofy, Sora and and Donald, together once again after 13 years. Even though the waiting time between the main numbered entries has been asinine, you still can’t ignore