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"Captain Marvel" Review

I can’t think of another movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is releasing with both high anticipation and with hyperbolic controversy like Captain Marvel . But this is what happens when you promote your movie as part of a “feminist movement” and you have people misconstrue actress Brie Larson’s criticism towards a male dominated press junket. But amidst all the controversies casting a pall on the release of this movie, how is the movie itself? Captain Marvel is a traditional origin story in the mold of the Phase 1 slate of the MCU. Taking a few cues from the original Iron Man and the original Thor , Captain Marvel is a surprisingly lean, low key affair despite its mostly intergalactic background. After a third slate of movies in the MCU that have seen Marvel Studios experiment a little bit with the way they have done their movies, it is both refreshing and a little jarring seeing a movie follow on the old mold from almost a decade ago. If anything, t