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Happy Birthday, The Legend of Zelda! Which game is our favorite?

  The Legend of Zelda turns 33 today. Let that sink in. Ever since its release on February 21 st , 1986, The Legend of Zelda has been a cultural touchstone not just for Nintendo, but for video games in general. In its more than three decades of existence, The Legend of Zelda has consistently been the gold standard for a particular kind of action/adventure game that not many people do these days. Yes, some entries have missed more than they’ve hit, but for the most part, the importance of The Legend of Zelda can’t be overstated enough. Here at Stat X Media, we have been huge fans of the series in its many iterations throughout the years. Some of us agree on which is the best game in the series, while others have their own personal favorites. Here are our own personal pics for what we individually think are best games in the series (separated by each member of Stat X Media): Alejandro Segovia (Cofounder/Director of "Critical Corner"):  “The Legend of