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Checking in on the current state of The CW's "Arrow-verse" Part 4

Once the head of the pack, "The Flash" has experienced plenty of highs and lows in Season 3. In the final part of my look back into the current state of The CW's "Arrow-verse", I turn my attention to the most popular show of the pack. The one show that was once the undisputed king of The CW's shared universe, held back this year by a mix of highs and lows. The Flash Grant Gustin as The Flash Back in 2014, no one would have predicted that the first spinoff from "Arrow" would have been as successful and as special as it was when it came out. From its inception, "The Flash" was that rare show that came out of the gate fully formed. Out of all the 4 "Arrow-verse" shows, this was the one that knew what it wanted to be, what it wanted to do, and how far it would go to achieve that. It was unapologetically comic book-y.  It was unapologetically charming. It was unapologetically heartwarming. It knew when to make you feel