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OPINION: How "Titans" misunderstands Dick Grayson

            It seems that I can no longer bite my tongue.   I am forced to confess that DC's  Titans is, in a word, disappointing.   When the show was announced I was not unrealistically optimistic that it would be a great show, nor did I cynically believe that it would be a total dud.   In those regards, it seems I was correct.   Titan’s is neither a total dud nor is it a great show.   It’s somewhere in between, and sometimes that feels so much worse. To think what could have been             I should preface this by stating I am a huge fan of DC comics with a special interest in the Batfamily, specifically the boy Wonder, Dick Grayson.   I’m not in the minority of comic fans to call Dick Grayson my favorite Robin; he is probably the most popular DC character outside of the Justice League.   I think that’s why it is so hard to see the direction the DC streaming service decided to take with my favorite superhero. Where did the charisma go