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Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3: "The Long Night" Review

“Winter is Coming”. It’s a line we have been hearing since the first 10 minutes of Game of Thrones. From the show’s very first scene, the threat of the White Walkers has  been a clear and present danger to the overarching narrative of the series. Even when the show would dive deep into sneering politicking and conspiracy theory, once in a while we would be reminded of what seemed like the real endgame: the threat up north. It took 70 episodes, and it’s finally here. Now the big question is: did the long awaited "Battle of Winterfell" live up to the hype? Much has been said about the grueling behind the scenes work that had to be done to bring this monumental episode today. 55 grueling nights in dead cold with lots of planning and exhaustive directing. All those nights to deliver on the claim this would be the longest sustained battle sequence in the history of TV and Film were indeed claims to be seen to be believed. While Game of Thrones ha

The Top 25 Episodes of Game of Thrones

In the words of the honorary members of the Night's Watch: "Now our watch has ended".  73 episodes later, "Game of Thrones" has come to and end. Many will debate the legacy of the series thanks to the mixed quality of its final episodes. But as those debates rage the internet, we can always look back and remember the episodes that stand tall as the ones that made their mark on the TV landscape. It was a close call, with many almost making the list, but ultimately, there could only be 25 winners. Without much further ado, here are the 25 best episodes of Game of Thrones. SPOILERS AHEAD 25. The Dragon and the Wolf (Season 7, Episode 7) The Season 7 finale had the unenviable task of righting the ship after the show took a big quality hit for the first time in its history with the penultimate episode, “ Beyond the Wall ”. Fortunately, “ The Dragon and the Wolf ” proved to be a fine return to form as the show contracted its story to