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"Resident Evil 2" First Full Playthrough Impressions

Writers Note: As a long-time fan of the series (and I mean “ long-time ”), I felt it my “duty” to play through this game as soon as it hit shelves. With a 20 oz red bull by my side, I ended up powering through the entirety of Leon S. Kennedy’s campaign in one night/sitting. I even found most of the unlockables and opened every safe and locker with the clues given in the game. Even though I am a fan of the series, I do want to mention, I remove all biases when I approach an impression or review of a game. Take it from me, a classic Sonic (emphasis on classic ) fan who loves to rip Sonic Team a new one daily on their poor decisions and terrible games. I do not look through my experiences with nostalgia, I look through them thinking of it how they fair as a stand-alone title today. Being a fan of this series does not mean I will not have negative opinions if there is something to be pointed out. With all these things said, keep in mind, this is a FIRST IMPRESSION and