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"Detective Pikachu" Review

Detective Pikachu was one hell of a ride from start to finish. This movie bolsters some of the best CG work I have seen in years and that’s extra special since it is an even more beloved series. The settings and shots of this movie constantly make me forget I am watching a Pokémon movie even though Pikachu and his new founded detective hat kept staring me right in my face. I do not know if it is a praise on the story or not, but the existence of Pokémon for the story was a lot smoother and more believable at times than I believed I would experience. For a movie to constantly bombard its viewers with bright and colorful “pocket monsters” it was quite dark at times and surprisingly created a world and experience I never felt before. Obviously, I am talking a lot of praise to this movie so far and to be completely honest, It was great! The Mystery presented in Detective Pikachu isn't the most complicated or hard to figure out for most older viewers, b