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Ranking the seasons of Game of Thrones

Updated to reflect post May 19, 2019 thoughts It is very hard to believe, but we live in a world where we will never see a new episode of "Game of Thrones" ever again, now that its final season has come and gone. As arguments keep going as to how the final season shapes or reshapes the legacy of the show going forward, there is no denying the impact the show had on the television landscape, especially as we keep going deeper and deeper into the binge-watching, streaming TV future. For all intents and purposes, the end of "Game of Thrones is the end of the appointment network/cable TV era, and we may never see its like again. To mark the occasion, it is time to commemorate the best (and not so best) this series has ever given us, starting with the ranking of all the seasons that have aired. I stand by the opinion Game of Thrones has been mostly great series overall (an argument that took a hit with the final two seasons), and there's a lot to celebrate about it