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Checking in on the current state of The CW's "Arrow-verse" Part 2

The long running series staged a creative comeback in Season 5 As I continue looking back at the current state of the "Arrow-verse", my focus shifts now at looking into the grand daddy of them all. The show that kicked off this whole shared universe that, coming into this season, was on the verge of losing any relevancy.  (A fair warning that there will be some  spoilers for Season 5) Arrow Oliver Queen sporting a more traditional costume Of all the shows in this shared TV universe, no one was in such need of a creative miracle like "Arrow". After a great debut season that lead to the high point that was the Oliver Queen vs Slade Wilson/Deathstroke conflict that defined its second season, Arrow went on a creative funk for its next two seasons.  Season 3 of "Arrow" found the show facing an uphill battle as they had to come up with a conflict that could possibly rival or even surpass the one from Season 2. On paper they had all the ri