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"The Suicide Squad" Review

    I'm not going to mince words: 2016's "Suicide Squad" is bar none one of the worst movies I have ever seen based on a comic book property. Here was a film with so much potential (an interesting choice of director, a great premise for the comic book genre and a killer cast) completely, utterly wasted due to massive corporate mangling after the negative reception for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". To me, it massively damaged the idea of this ecclectic property from DC Comics ever resonating in film after such a high profile, confused disaster.  Enter James Gunn.  Fresh off the heels from his unfortunate ouster from Disney following the unearthing of some old, unsavory tweets, Warner Bros. absolutely struck gold by immediately bringing in James Gunn and giving him carte blance to do anything he wanted with any DC property. Considering Gunn absolutely cemented his reputation with handling a band of misfits with the "Guardians of the Galaxy" m

"The Flash Season 7" Review

In a TV landscape that has been massively filled up with so many shows based on comic book properties with all different kinds of quality, no other show makes me more sad with its current state like "The Flash". The original spin off of the now defunct "Arrow", once the beacon of hope of what a great superhero show on network TV could be, has truly fallen to new lows. Despite a sign of some hope with its sixth season finally reversing a downward trend that hit its nadir with the fourth and fifth season, nothing could have ever prepared us for the pile of awful that awaited us for the majority of Season 7, even as it tried to pick itself up at the end. Obviously, there will be a big desire to point fingers and for heads to roll as to why the recently finished Season 7 turned out the way it did. One can easily point a finger to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which most famously forced the improved sixth season to end prematurely, and make filming new seasons much more

"Shazam" Review

If you had told me back in 2016 the movie DC Films would nail the most would be Shazam , I think I would have laughed at your face. Let us not forget this was the time when DC and Warner Bros. were releasing the misguidedly grimdark Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  as a desperate attempt to catch up to Marvel’s successful “cinematic universe” while also trying to seem different no matter what. We all know how it all turned out. BvS released with complete critical failure and not breaking their coveted 1 billion box office goal, which led to extreme overreaction as they tried to forcedly retool 2017’s Justice League which led to slightly better critical reception but an even poorer box office turnout. In other words, the “DC Extended Universe” was seemingly doomed into oblivion. Yet there were actual glimmers of hope around this time. Buried between the disaster that were BvS and Justice League was the release of the critical and commercial success that was Wonder W