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"Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" Review

Many (including the developers themselves) have stated that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is not a “Souls/Borne”-like game. From its dedicated “jump” button, to its edgy hook shot/Spiderman-grapple mechanic, to its streamlined build (which causes all of its players to have to deal with the same builds and mechanics, only differentiated by how far a player is in the game), Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice has enough to set itself apart from other From Software titles like Bloodborne . Yet, despite what these people tell you, this game is still very much like one of the “Souls/Borne” games. It may just be From Software stape at this point, but Sekiro does not shy from the difficulty or game design of their other titles.  Now, is this a bad thing?  To most gamers, not at all. Right out of the gate, you will notice how beautiful and gritty the world of Sekiro is presented to you. From the realistic sword clashes between you and your enemies, to the gritty snowy mountain