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ANOTHER TAKE: A Newcomers Perspective on Resident Evil 2

Writer’s Note: Sometimes, release dates can suck. While there is no doubt that Resident Evil 2 is the first big game of consequence of 2019, it has to be noted that it is sharing a release window with one of the most anticipated games in years (and one I’ll be reviewing): Kingdom Hearts 3. In Stat X Media, there is no bigger long-time fan of the Resident Evil   series than our own Parker Hanson, which is why he’s doing our official review of the game coming later tonight ( his first full playthrough impressions are live ). While no one knows the Resident Evil series like Parker’s fandom dating back to the late 90’s, me being a relatively newer fan of the series (starting with 2009’s Resident Evil 5) and someone that also beat Leon’s first full playthrough, I wanted to share my take on the game from a different perspective. When I think of the survival horror genre, I think about my entry point in the late 2000’s. This was the time when the genre started seeing a mas