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"Anthem" Review

You can make plenty of parallels between developer Bioware’s newest game Anthem and developer Bungie’s Destiny . Both these games are essentially new IP. Both these games are attempts at trying something new while still retaining some of the developers’ signature touch. And ultimately, at least at launch, both these games set a foundation to be built upon for an exciting future more than they do anything exciting in the here and now. The big key difference between these two games is the release timing. Destiny was the game that ushered the always online, “shared-world MMO-like” style of shooter back in 2014, and with that came exciting developments and plenty of missteps. Not to mention another contender in the genre appeared halfway through Destiny ’s lifecycle in the form of Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division , a game that also did as much right as it did wrong as Bungie’s shooter. Releasing five years after  Destiny ’s debut,  Anthem theoretically has the