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"Shazam" Review

If you had told me back in 2016 the movie DC Films would nail the most would be Shazam , I think I would have laughed at your face. Let us not forget this was the time when DC and Warner Bros. were releasing the misguidedly grimdark Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  as a desperate attempt to catch up to Marvel’s successful “cinematic universe” while also trying to seem different no matter what. We all know how it all turned out. BvS released with complete critical failure and not breaking their coveted 1 billion box office goal, which led to extreme overreaction as they tried to forcedly retool 2017’s Justice League which led to slightly better critical reception but an even poorer box office turnout. In other words, the “DC Extended Universe” was seemingly doomed into oblivion. Yet there were actual glimmers of hope around this time. Buried between the disaster that were BvS and Justice League was the release of the critical and commercial success that was Wonder W