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2020 Year-In Review: Top 10 Games of 2020

Hello! Now that I have made the list of my honorable mentions (you can read it here ), it's time to talk about the ten games that made an impact to me in the year of our Lord, 2020. Without further ado, here is the list: TOP 10 GAMES OF 2020 10. Resident Evil 3 2019's remake for "Resident Evil 2" remains one of my favorite survival horror games of all time. The amount of care and detail Capcom poured into a remake which puts many new game releases to shame is something that has stuck with me, and left me craving for so much more. Thankfully, Capcom was able to slightly satiate my hunger by releasing a remake of what I've learned is one of the more polarizing entries in the series, "Resident Evil 3". I'll be upfront and say this remake doesn't reach the highs from "Resident Evil 2", and in some ways it is a step backwards by being a game more focused on the action than the tension filled moments of the previous game. Despite this, the le